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      Precautions for tank valve maintenance?

      author:Hengshui Jiahao Equipment Installation Co. Ltd.???Popularity:???Publication time:2020-02-27 10:05

      If a valve is suspected to be faulty, disassemble and repair it according to the following methods. If there is leakage at the valve seal, tighten the sealing nut first to see if the leakage stops, and then remove the valve.

      Note: if the valve components are in stock, replace the faulty valve with a new one.

      1. If the valve is in direct contact with liquid during maintenance, all liquid in the storage tank shall be discharged.

      2. Open the gas discharge valve (A-12) to release all pressure.

      3. Remove the valve cover from the faulty valve.

      4. Remove the valve seat.

      5. Disassemble the valve and check all individual parts.

      6. Clean all metal parts with suitable bleaching agent, and rinse other parts thoroughly with hot water.

      7. Dry all parts with clean, low-pressure air.

      8. Replace all worn, deformed or damaged parts.

      9. To reseal the valve, the Teflon filament can be padded inside or wound for sealing. If the valve is sealed by winding, the Teflon can only be wound reversely with a single strand of Teflon filament to tighten the Teflon. Otherwise, when the valve becomes cold, the water will enter the valve and freeze.

      10. Reinstall the valve to ensure that the mating surface is clean and placed correctly.


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